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Sitting near the centre of a number of richly watered valleys between Adam’s Peak) and Sinharaja Forest Reserve, busy Ratnapura) (‘City of Gems’ in Sanskrit) is famous as a trade hub for the area’s ancient wealth of gemstones. The region’s wet and humid climate encourages the formation of river beds, which are in turn the perfect environment for gemstones to develop.

The rural scenery surrounding the town is often underappreciated – paddy fields cloak the valley floors, while rubber trees and tea bushes grow on the hills. Many villagers keep old Sinhalese traditions, such as leaving candles outside the front door at dusk to prevent evil spirits from entering.

Area 20 km2
Languages spoken Sinhala,Tamil,English
Currency Srilankan Rupee

Sports and nature

Sports and nature It is the centre of a long-established industry of precious stone mining including rubies, sapphires, and other gems. Apart from gem mining, the city is known for rice and fruit cultivations. Large plantations of tea and rubber surround the city. Tea grown in this region is called low-country tea. There is a well-established tourism industry in Ratnapura. Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Udawalawe National Park, Kitulgala, and Adam's Peak are especially popular among tourists.

Culture and history

Culture & history Ratnapura was the traditional start of the toughest pilgrimages up to Adam’s Peak. In clear weather it can be the best place for appreciating the full height of the sacred mountain, since the Hatton side – now the preferred starting point – sits at a higher elevation.

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